And breathe baby, breathe

Baby now has fully matured lungs which are continuing to produce a substance called surfactant.  This substance prevents the lung walls sticking together once breathing starts.  The vocal cords are ready for their debut - that first cry will be one of the most wonderful sounds you've ever heard.

Hopefully baby is head down.  If not you will have had an appointment with the consultant to discuss your options for delivery.  Read more about breech presentation here.

baby crying.jpg


Be a lady that lunches

"Have you had your baby yet?"  Has to be one of the most stupid questions you get asked during pregnancy!  But, get used to it because, unless you have your baby now, you are going to hear it a lot!

Everyone is getting excited about the baby's imminent arrival.  Meanwhile you still have some pregnancy stuff to deal with.  Leaky boobs are now a permanent fixture in your life - dont waste it, get those syringes out.

You may be experiencing some vaginal discharge and could lose your mucous plug at any time.  This gooey glob of mucous has been plugging the cervix for the past months, keeping everything inside.  Don't be alarmed it can have traces of blood in it and is pretty gross but all part and parcel.  If you have any suspicions that your waters have broken you must give the hospital a call.  Has your baby's eviction notice been served we wonder? 

Maybe, maybe not!  One thing is for sure it may be a while until you get the opportunity to eat lunch in a restaurant using both hands so why not book a nice lunch with your girlfriend.

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