Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 39

Pregnancy Week 39

As you enter the 39th week of your pregnancy, you might be feeling like a walking contradiction. On one hand, you're ready to meet your little one and embrace the adventure of motherhood, but on the other, you're dealing with a myriad of physical discomforts that can make even the simplest tasks seem like an Olympic feat. Today, we'll explore the curious mix of newfound energy, nesting instincts, and the waiting game that characterises this final stretch of pregnancy.

Nesting - The Burst of Energy (That You May or May Not Get):

Some women report a sudden surge of energy in the days leading up to labor. It's as if Mother Nature decided to give you one last boost before the big day. You might find yourself tempted to tackle household projects you've been putting off for months, like fixing that leaky roof or painting the nursery. However, it's crucial to remember that you're not invincible at this point. You now have a really dodgy sense of balance and climbing ladders is not the best idea. Save those high-up tasks for your partner or a professional.

Embrace Light Chores or Seek Help:

If the nesting instinct has you in its grip, opt for lighter tasks like organising baby clothes or a little light baking. Alternatively, consider outsourcing the cleaning tasks to local cleaning companies if it is within budget or asking eager family members to help. This way, you can rest assured that everything will be spotless and ready for your new arrival without overexerting yourself.

Mild Contractions:

At this stage, you might start feeling some mild contractions as your body prepares for labour. These contractions are typically a sign that your cervix is starting to soften and dilate, but they don't necessarily mean labour is imminent. Unless your water breaks or contractions become more frequent and intense, try to carry on with your daily routine. Early labour, especially for first-time mothers, can be start-and-stop, and getting too excited too soon can leave you exhausted before the main event even begins.

Sleep Troubles:

Sleeping comfortably during the 39th week can feel like a challenge. Your active mind and physical discomforts make finding a cozy position almost impossible. If you're lucky enough to be on maternity leave by now, consider taking afternoon naps to recharge. Your body needs the rest, and a short siesta can do wonders for your energy levels.

The 39th week of pregnancy is a unique phase where you might experience a burst of energy, nesting instincts, and a mix of excitement and impatience as you await your baby's arrival. While it's tempting to tackle household chores and plan for the big day, remember to prioritise your well-being and safety. Light chores are fine, but leave the heavy lifting and high-risk tasks to others. And if sleep eludes you at night, embrace the afternoon nap as your ally. In just a short while, you'll be holding your precious bundle of joy in your arms, and all the waiting and discomfort will be a distant memory. So, take it easy, savour these moments, and get ready to welcome your little one with open arms!

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