Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 22

Letting your work know…

Let’s start with you this week

You may be starting to notice a pattern in relation to your baby’s movements. We have moved away from asking mums to “count the kicks” and now ask that you be aware of what is normal for you baby. Some babies move more during the night whilst you are at rest, some like to do their kick boxing during the day. If you have a placenta that is situated at the front movements may feel a little muffled. However, you should always get checked out if you are worried.

Hands and feet can start to become a little swollen from this point in which is usually nothing to worry about. Pop your feet up at the end of the day and make sure you wear comfortable shoes (remember pride is painful). If they get really swollen though you need to let your midwife know as your blood pressure may be creeping up.

You will need to give your employer your MATB1 form which is needed to process your maternity pay which you can start from 29 weeks pregnant. You are currently entitled to a year off from work – irrelevant of your length of service. However, getting pay past 39 weeks will depend on your length of service.

On to baby…

As you have probably now realised it is all about growing from now on in.  Now weighing in at 430g your growing baby is around 28cm in length.

Preparing already for the weaning stage gums are developing tooth buds and their first milk teeth will arrive just a few short months after arrival.

Eyes are formed but you will have to wait for a little while to know the true eye colour as for some babies the colour at birth is not the final result!

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