Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10 

At 10 weeks, you’ve almost made it to the end of the first trimester so hang in there! You probably still feel very tired but you’ll soon get more energy in the coming weeks so let yourself have plenty of rest now.

You may even find you sometimes feel dizzy or you get the odd headache. There really is no harm to be done by taking a couple of paracetamol. Better that than to suffer with a headache.

Your baby is now about 3cm in length – around the size of a small apricot. They can also react to light now so if you shone a torch on your belly, your little one would be able to sense the difference.

Your little one’s eyes are actually slightly open as their eyelids are still developing. They will be able to fully close their eyes soon though.

Perhaps more surprisingly, your baby already has all their milk teeth in place ready for teething and their jawbone is busy developing. While their head is still large compared to their body, their face looks much more recognisable with little ears forming, two teeny tiny nostrils and even the beginning of lips.

Your baby can move about, although these movements will be quite jerky at this point. If you were to have a scan now – the dating scan is usually carried out at between 10 and 14 weeks – you would be able to see your baby moving in the womb.

How will I feel at 10 weeks pregnant?

We’ve already mentioned that you are likely to be feeling quite tired still. And you may find that when you do sleep, you have some pretty vivid dreams.

Many women report talking animals, large buildings and scary nightmares. This is often just because you are more likely to be having more disturbed sleep and therefore are remembering your crazy sleep thoughts.  Some of these dreams may also reflect on worries that you have about becoming a parent. Don’t worry – you’re gonna be great.

You might also start to feel bloated as your digestive system has slowed down. Keep things moving by drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and high-fibre foods. You may also find you have more wind than usual – don’t be embarrassed, this is all very normal and is down to your hormones.

Keep yourself active too. Take things steady and be careful if you are starting a new exercise programme but there’s no reason not to continue any existing routines so long as you are sensible and avoid anything too risky.

By now, you should have had your booking appointment with your midwife and been given the date for your first routine ultrasound scan. Your probably won’t look pregnant to the outside world yet but you are likely to notice your body has changed.

You find your usual clothes are tight around the waist and be struggling to do up your jeans. This is because your uterus has grown to the size of a large orange.

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