Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 14

Pregnancy Week 14

At 14 weeks, your baby has grown to the size of a lemon, measuring around 8.3cm from head to toe and weighing in at 43g. They may still be teeny tiny but they are growing very quickly and have actually doubled in size from just last week.

Your baby actually has their own fur coat to keep them warm in the womb. They are covered with a very thin layer of tiny hairs which help to protect their skin and keep them the right temperature. But don’t worry, they won’t stay hairy once they are born!

The placenta is busy giving your baby the oxygen, hormones and nutrients they need to thrive, while removing waste products like carbon dioxide and even wee. Yes, that’s right, your baby can now urinate.

Inside you, your baby is doing something quite miraculous – having a wee! In the womb, they will swallow small amounts of amniotic fluid which will then pass into the stomach, be filtered by the kidneys and then passed out as urine and eventually removed by the placenta.

Along with the kidneys, their liver and spleen are now working well. They will also be moving around lots and these movements are now much smoother and more deliberate than before. It won’t be long before you start to feel some fluttering sensations coming from your uterus.

How will I feel at 14 weeks pregnant?

Hopefully, you are now feeling less tired and sick and you may find both your energy levels and your appetite have increased. Eat little and often to keep the hunger at bay and choose healthy snacks over junk food. Remember your baby doesn’t need any extra calories at this stage and gaining too much weight during pregnancy is not good for either of you.

Your breasts may have started producing colostrum – the first milk which your body produces to feed your newborn. Colostrum is thick, sticky and yellow so you might notice some yellow marks on your bra – this is just a sign that your body is busy preparing for your new arrival.

If you are concerned about any changes with your breasts, do get them checked out with your doctor.

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