Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9

Welcoming the Boogie Baby

Week 9 marks an exciting phase in your journey as your tiny foetus starts to resemble a bona fide baby, waving and dancing in their cozy abode. With their tail now a thing of the past, they measure about 2.5cm – comparable to the size of a juicy grape.

As their limbs sway and twirl, it's a sight to behold, even if those first flutters of movement are still a while away. Inside, their internal organs – heart, brain, lungs, and kidneys – are steadily taking shape, while their features become more distinct. Larger eyes, a budding mouth, a tiny tongue, and even minuscule taste buds are emerging, laying the groundwork for their future adventures in taste exploration.

Changes in Your Body:

Your body, too, is undergoing its own transformation. Tender, heavier breasts may greet you, accompanied by the appearance of small white bumps on the areola – perfectly normal indicators that your body is preparing for the miraculous journey of breastfeeding.

By now, you may feel unmistakably pregnant, perhaps even noticing subtle changes in your physique. While your waistline may thicken, and a bump may begin to make its presence known, it's entirely up to you when you choose to share this exciting news with others. Remember, there's no rush – announce your pregnancy when it feels right for you.

With pregnancy symptoms in full swing, courtesy of those ever-present hormones, you might find yourself riding an emotional rollercoaster. It's entirely normal to swing between happiness and tears, so be gentle with yourself and lean on your support system for comfort and reassurance.

Staying Active and Informed:

Despite the fatigue that may still linger, staying active is key to your overall well-being. Low-impact activities like walking, swimming, and yoga offer gentle forms of exercise that benefit both you and your baby, without causing any undue strain.

If concerns about miscarriage have weighed on your mind, take solace in knowing that the risk diminishes with each passing week. By now, especially if a heartbeat has been detected on an early scan, the likelihood of miscarriage is significantly reduced, paving the way for a smoother journey ahead.

Navigating Work and Pregnancy:

As for informing your employer about your pregnancy, the decision is entirely yours. While you're not obligated to disclose your pregnancy at this stage, consider doing so if your symptoms pose challenges in fulfilling your usual duties or if your job involves physical exertion or risky activities. Your employer can conduct a risk assessment and make necessary adjustments to ensure your health and safety during this precious time.

Week 9 of pregnancy is a milestone worth celebrating, as you and your baby continue to embark on this extraordinary journey together. Embrace the changes, cherish the moments, and trust in the remarkable resilience of both you and your little boogie baby.

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