Yay!  Your little one is here!

We hope that our antenatal classes prepared you well and that you have reached parenthood having had a positive labour & birth experience. Now the fun starts! We have a great range of online classes to help you navigate colic, sleep, and reflux, as well as enjoy baby massage and learn how to communicate with your baby in Sign Language for Babies.

Baby sleeping soundly.

Newborn Sleep Workshop

This class will provide new and expectant parents with the knowledge and confidence when it comes to their baby’s sleep. This includes creating a safe sleep environment as well as strategies to help settle their new baby and establish a routine that is responsive to their needs.

Couple and their child sleeping soundly on a bed.

4-18 Months Sleep Workshop

Possibly a lifesaver! This class will provide parents with the knowledge and confidence when it comes to improving their baby’s sleep. This includes techniques to help self-settle as well as establishing an age-appropriate routine.

Baby surrounded by an assortment of healthy solid food.

Weaning Workshop

Unpicking the noisy world of weaning! Working out what to feed your baby can feel a little overwhelming. Join Paediatric Dietitian Paula Hallam for an information-packed guide on moving onto solids.

Colic & Reflux SOS

Having a baby that cries excessively on a daily basis can be draining and disheartening. This information-packed workshop will help you soothe your baby and relieve your anxiety.

First Day's Baby Massage

A beautiful class for any newborn, with advice on colic, trapped wind, starting tummy time & an initial full body massage for your new arrival.

Baby using sign language to say I love you

Sign Language for Babies

This parent self-learning package will give you the knowledge & skills to sign with your baby at home.

Postnatal Yoga

Aiding you in your recovery after the birth of your baby, in the comfort of your home, this is a chance to focus on you and your needs as a mama.

Potty Training Workshop

This workshop will help you to determine when it is the right time to start potty training and how to go about the process.

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