Our team of highly qualified professionals will fully prepare you for the emotional and physical journey into parenthood with structured, evidence-based, online classes and support. Attend Online Antenatal Classes, Pre/Post Natal Wellness & Baby Developmental Massage Classes.

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Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Natural Labour & Birth

We will discuss topics relating to preparation, late pregnancy, signs of labour, and straightforward birth.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Pregnancy Yoga

Relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home with our beautiful pregnancy yoga. Helping you prepare both mentally and physically for labour and birth.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Early Pregnancy

So, you are having a baby! Now what? Join The Honest Midwife and find out everything you need to know about the next few weeks and your pregnancy ahead.

Online Antenatal Classes

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Induction and
Instrumental Birth

This class will ensure that nothing comes as a surprise and that you understand everything that may be recommended.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Caesarean Section Workshop

Fully understand what a Caesarean section entails and how to look after yourself in the recovery period.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Infant Feeding

Rewriting the rulebook! Looking at breastfeeding and formula feeding too, and fully outlining the physiology of the milk production system!

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Practical Parenting

Never even held a baby before? The practicalities of caring for a newborn, covering everything from delayed cord clamping to changing nappies!

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Wellbeing Workshop

A great opportunity to explore some of the unexpected challenges that parenthood can bring. Helping you and your partner to stay strong and support each other through your parenting journey.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

First Days Baby Massage

Helping your baby relax into life outside the womb! Practical information to help you bond with your baby, release physical birth trauma, and give them the best possible start.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Infant & Child First Aid

This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to manage an emergency first aid situation should the need arise. Covers CPR, Choking, Bleeding, Bumps, and much more.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Barkers & Babies

Worried about how your furry friend will take to your new baby? Our Kennel Club Accredited Trainer provides the hints and tips you need for your favourite babies to hit it off from the start!

Online Antenatal Courses

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Hypnobirthing Course

Complete 4-Week Workshop

Week 1: Hypnobirthing Workshop
Week 2: Breathing & Visualisation
Week 3: Birth Environment & Aromatherapy
Week 4: Touch & Rescue

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