Learn at your own pace

Prepare yourself for all eventualities through and after pregnancy to birth.

These online self-paced video series, taught by midwife Louise Broadbridge, will provide just that!

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Labour, Birth & Hypnobirthing Package

If you are looking for an online learning package that covers labour and birth — preparing for, during, and after — you are in the right place.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Infant Feeding

Rewriting the rulebook! Looking at not just at breastfeeding but formula feeding and covering the physiology of the milk production system!

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Wellbeing Workshop Package

Never has there been a more important time to check how each other are doing. Becoming a parent can throw you curve balls that you just weren’t expecting.

Parent Holding Newborn Baby

Go, Baby Grow Package

Baby brain development made simple! Join Amy to learn about your baby’s brain in the womb through to age 2, so you can feel confident in raising an emotionally healthy baby!