Louise Broadbridge

Preparing You For All Eventualities

LOUISE BROADBRIDGE – Midwife, Mother & Founder of Let’s Talk Birth & Baby

Let’s Talk Birth and Baby was founded in 2017 by Senior Midwife, Louise Broadbridge and is the face behind Instagram's @thehonestmidwife.

Louise has now delivered antenatal courses to over 45,000 expectant parents and has had lovely messages from 100s of new parents saying how pleased they were to have attended Let’s Talk Birth and Baby classes.

“The decision to found Let’s Talk Birth and Baby is as a result of caring for many couples who felt that despite having attended antenatal classes on reflection, they had not felt prepared when events deviated from the norm."

My hope and mission is that the classes will provide an affordable, safe, honest and evidence based education to prepare couples for every eventuality during labour and birth. In addition, our hope is to rewrite the rule book and fully support both formula and breastfeeding parents by focusing on both forms of infant feeding and really teaching the physiology of the milk production system to give those that want to breastfeed a great chance of success.

Nikki Kelham

Nikki Kelham – Specialist Womens Physiotherapist

Nikki Kelham has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for nearly 20 years and specialises in ante and post-natal care and loves working with this group of women as their body undergoes one of the biggest physical challenges that they will face. Nikki works with ladies from pre-conception right through to years after having their babies.

It is a privilege to empower Mums, helping them to understand what their bodies go through, giving them the best information and evidence based treatment and seeing incredible results.

Dr. Matthew O'brien

Dr. Matthew O’Brien BSc (Hons), MSc, MBBS

Medicine is Matthew’s second career having worked with special needs children and their families before becoming a doctor. He graduated in 2013 from St. George’s University London and entered anaesthetic speciality training in 2017. As part of his job providing anaesthetic input across the hospital he also regularly provides anaesthetic services for maternity patients.

Matthew joins our C-Section workshop to explain pain relief during both elective and emergency procedures ensuring you feel confident that you will be in safe and expert hands should you need to have your baby in theatre.

Mark Williams

MARK WILLIAMS – Father, husband & Mental Health Campaigner

Mark Williams is a Keynote Speaker, Author and International Campaigner. In 2004 he himself experienced depression and suffered in silence for years until he entered community mental health services. He founded International Fathers Mental Health Day and #Howareyoudad campaign to make sure all parents are having support for the whole family.

Mark has spoken on television and radio stations around the world while working with Dr Jane Hanley, who has both published articles on Fathers ( Paternal) Mental Health together. Mark was awarded Inspirational Father of the Year and local hero at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2012 even invited to meet The Royal Family on World Mental Health Day also awarded the Point of Light Award by the Prime Minister in 2019.

Ambassador for Mother’s for Mother’s Charity and campaigns for the mother and baby unit in Wales to reopen while working to change policies for parents.

Carla Berlin


Having studied with The Institute of Paediatric Sleep & Parenting, Carla set up Snooze Tots to not only help babies learn to sleep but also get parents their much-needed rest!

As a mother herself, she understands the pressures of parenthood and the difference a good night’s sleep can make to the whole family dynamic. She works with children of all ages experiencing sleep issues, and when it comes to teaching little one’s healthy sleep habits, she does not believe in just shutting the door until the morning and letting a baby cry it out.

Carla educates parents on the likes of creating the right environment that’s conducive for sleep, establishing a routine and finding the right settling approach that will suit both baby and parent. She looks forward to meeting you all and sharing her wealth of knowledge, so that you come away from her session feeling more confident on how to approach your baby’s sleep.

Amy Tribe

AMY TRIBE – Classical Opera Singer, Developmental Baby Massage Practitioner, Wife & Mother (she’s a busy lady!)

Amy trained as an Opera Singer in London, and spent much of her twenties touring the world, singing as a soloist in many of the most well-known operatic venues.

During this time she was the recipient of several prestigious awards, and recorded for the BBC and ITV, and has been invited to sing for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family on several occasions.

Her training as an Opera Singer means she is able to bring intricate knowledge of the body’s breathing and muscular systems to combine with the practise of Developmental Baby Massage – working with babies all across the UK both in group formats and on a 1:1 consulting basis when necessary.

Whilst working as a professional singer, Amy was also heavily involved in Music Therapy for Children and has a particular interest in the effect of classical music on the outcome of babies in Neonatal Intensive Care wards. She is able to draw together this knowledge to give babies the best possible start in life helping children develop healthily – hitting their physical developmental milestones safely, relieving trauma in newborns, and working to combat Colic and other ailments seen in infants.

Carla Berlin

REBECCA PALMER – Infant Colic Specialist, Baby Massage & Yoga teacher and Mother

As a mother of two, Becky has personally lived through the difficulties of colic. She knows the frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelming feelings which come when dealing with a colicky baby. As a former solicitor, when her newborn son arrived and presented with colic symptoms, she felt powerless and totally helpless.

It was for this reason Becky drastically changed her career and trained as an accredited colic specialist. Over the five years that she has worked as a mum and baby wellness practitioner, she has worked with over 1000 families. Through Colic SOS, she offers one-to-one expert consultancy and developed her own process to help parents get to the bottom of their baby’s colic. Designed to not only help establish a baby’s root cause but also support and guide families through this difficult journey with her knowledge, expertise and care.

Rebecca has worked tirelessly to create a C is both informative and problem solving.

Carly Gloak

Carly Gloak – Yoga Teacher, Wife & Mother

I have been a yoga for the past few years now, however, yoga has been a part of my life for a long time and my journey and experience has evolved so much over the years.

I attended Yoga during my pregnancy and loved it so much, it was such a beautiful friendly and nurturing space.

I was lucky enough to be able to undertake my teacher training during my maternity leave after having my little girl (Alice, who is now 4). I absolutely love teaching yoga with and my classes really are quite different to any other classes I have experienced.

I currently teachyoga for pregnancy, mum and baby yoga and women’s yoga once you feel ready to move away from pregnancy and postnatal practice. Each class brings something really unique and special and I love seeing the smiles on ladies faces at the end of class when they feel happy to have spent a bit of time just for them.

Finoa Bird

FIONA BIRD – Kennel Club Accredited Dog Trainer, Wife and Mother

Meet Fiona! She has a passion for pooches like no other. Her Barkers and Babies class will guide you in the right direction for a smooth introduction between your new arrival and your favourite furry friend.

Fiona Bird has been training dogs for many years and teaches weekly classes and home one to ones helping clients with bespoke training for their ‘fur babies’

Fiona has two dogs, a pretty Boxer dog called Tia who can be seen on various TV adverts, and a German Spitz called Ivy who competes in competition obedience and agility. They were very lucky to get picked for a team representing the South East to compete in the daunting environment of Crufts in 2020, gaining an individual 3rd place and a team 2nd.
Regular lessons with other trainers keep Fiona up to date on new methods and techniques in positive based reinforcement training. She looks forward to meeting you all in her talks on introducing your babies to your dogs.

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