Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 8

Pregnancy Week 8

Baby at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

Eyes Wide Open

Blue, brown, green, hazel – what color will your baby's eyes be? Week 8 marks the beginning of eye color development, as your little one transitions from being an embryo to a fully-fledged fetus. Congratulations, clever baby!

While they may not be blowing raspberries just yet, they're certainly making waves in the growth department, adding a whopping 1mm to their size each day – now the size of a delectable raspberry! But that's not all; there's a flurry of activity happening inside their tiny world.

As their retinas start to form and their spinal cord takes shape, it's essential to ensure you're getting your daily dose of folic acid to support these critical developments. And if you find yourself marveling at their emerging facial features, you're not alone – your baby is gradually becoming more recognizable with each passing day.

Their arms and legs continue to take form, gearing up for future adventures of crawling under your feet. Finger ridges are beginning to emerge, while their tail – a remnant of early development – is almost entirely gone. All this growth and formation require ample energy, with your baby's heart now beating at a brisk pace of 140-170 beats per minute.

Now, let's address the age-old question: Is a faster heartbeat indicative of a girl, and a slower one, a boy? While it's a charming old wives' tale, its accuracy remains debatable. Nonetheless, it adds a touch of whimsy to the journey of pregnancy – and who doesn't love a good old wives' tale?

While your baby continues to rely on the yolk sac for nourishment, the placenta is diligently developing, preparing to take over its role in providing essential nutrients. It's a marvel of nature unfolding within you, nurturing and sustaining life in ways beyond comprehension.

Your Body at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy:

For you, things may feel relatively unchanged from last week. Your blood volume continues to increase to accommodate your expanding uterus, and you might notice your clothes starting to feel a tad snug – though it's not quite time to switch to maternity wear just yet.

If you spot a milky discharge, fret not – it's a common occurrence during pregnancy, thanks to the hormone estrogen. This discharge serves to maintain healthy bacteria where it's needed most, ensuring your body remains in optimal condition.

Fatigue may still be a constant companion, and your breasts may feel larger and more tender than usual. Additionally, you might observe your nipples darkening in color, courtesy of increased melanin production – a typical pregnancy phenomenon.

As you approach the eight-week mark, you'll attend your first appointment with your midwife, known as the booking appointment. Lasting approximately an hour, this pivotal meeting allows your midwife to gather essential information about you and your pregnancy while providing valuable insights and support.

This appointment marks a significant milestone, making your pregnancy feel all the more real. Your midwife will conduct various tests, including checking your blood pressure, testing your urine, and collecting blood samples. It's also an excellent opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have and begin planning for your first scan, typically scheduled around 12 weeks.

Week 8 of pregnancy is a time of wonder and anticipation, as you and your baby continue to embark on this incredible journey together. Cherish each milestone, embrace the changes, and revel in the miracle unfolding within you.

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