Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Pregnancy Week 7

Pregnancy Week 7

Your Baby at Week 7 of Pregnancy: 

A Chocolate Analogy

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate analogy? As you dive into week 7 of pregnancy, here's a sweet comparison to put things into perspective: Can you believe that your growing baby is now 10,000 times bigger than they were at conception? That's right – while your little one may still be the size of a humble chocolate M&M, the astonishing growth they've undergone since conception is truly remarkable.

At around 10mm in length, your baby's head is disproportionately larger than their body at this stage. But don't let that concern you – there's a fascinating reason behind it. Your embryo's brain is undergoing rapid development, churning out brain cells at an impressive rate of 100 per minute. As a network of nerves begins to spread throughout their body, your baby will soon start making subtle movements, courtesy of messages sent from their developing brain and spinal cord to their muscles.

Intriguingly, it won’t be long before your little one can experience sensations like temperature and taste. Meanwhile, their liver is diligently producing all the blood cells they need until their bone marrow kicks in. While their hands and feet are beginning to take shape, they may still resemble buds rather than fully formed limbs, as cartilage begins to lay the foundation for their arms and legs.

Remember to continue taking your folic acid daily, as it plays a crucial role in your baby's development. And if you haven't already, now's the time to consider bidding farewell to alcohol and cigarettes. While it may be challenging to quit cold turkey, even reducing your intake can have significant benefits. Don't hesitate to seek support from your midwife during your first antenatal appointment if you need assistance.

Your body at Week 7 of Pregnancy: 

As your uterus doubles in size – now akin to a lemon – you may find that eating becomes more of a chore, especially if you're battling nausea. While morning sickness can be a tough pill to swallow, take solace in the fact that it typically subsides by week 14. However, for some, the queasiness persists, necessitating hydration support at times. Focus on the remarkable creation growing within you – it may not ease the discomfort, but it's a silver lining nonetheless.

With your blood and fluid volume on the rise (up to a third by the end of pregnancy), you might find yourself making more frequent trips to the restroom. Embrace the extra steps – they're all part of the journey! Additionally, increased thirst is common as your body requires more fluids to accommodate the expanding blood volume. Aim for eight glasses of liquid a day, opting for water, milk, fruit juice, or herbal tea while steering clear of heavily caffeinated beverages.

You might also notice bleeding gums due to pregnancy hormones causing swelling and sensitivity. Take extra care of your dental health and don't hesitate to see your dentist if needed – pregnancy entitles you to free treatment until your baby's first birthday.

Looking Ahead:

While your bump may not be visible yet, it won't be long before your pregnancy becomes more noticeable. Typically, first-time moms start showing around week 12, while those with prior pregnancies may begin to show earlier due to stretched stomach muscles and womb.

As you continue this incredible journey, consider informing the maternity unit of your pregnancy if you haven't already. They'll be able to schedule your booking visit, a crucial step in your prenatal care journey. Stay tuned for more insights in the coming weeks!

Week 7 of pregnancy marks a pivotal point in your journey, filled with awe-inspiring developments and changes. Embrace the sweetness of this phase, both metaphorically and literally, as you nurture the precious life blossoming within you.

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