Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 28

Let’s check you both out

At 28 weeks you should have a midwife appointment to check how things are progressing.  Your midwife will want to take a blood test to check that your iron levels are as they should be.  As you are probably aware women do lose blood during labour and birth and we want to be prepared.  Should you iron levels come back low you will be prescribed iron tablets.  You midwife will let you know if you need them.  Being low in iron can make you feel extra tired and quite breathless so if you do find you are suffering with these symptoms let the midwife or you GP know.

Have you been told off you your partner for snoring?  Another common occurrence as your nasal passages can become a little swollen.  All will resolve once baby arrives.  The he really won’t get any sleep!

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