Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 17

Let the sunshine in

So, your little one is toughening up! Cartilage is developing into bone and the pipe of life known as the umbilical cord is getting much stronger as it provides your baby with all of the blood, oxygen and nutrients.

It is recommended that all pregnant women take a 10mg supplement of vitamin D.  This ensures that your baby has enough Vitamin D for their developing bones in the first few months of life.  However, there are some foods such as salmon, mackerel, eggs and mushrooms which are healthy and high in Vitamin D.

Without Vitamin D your baby could develop a condition called Ricketts which causes their bones to be soft.

Measuring in at over 12cm your baby is putting on weight at a rapid rate and now weighs 140 grams.  Your baby is still dancing around and enjoying its roomy accommodation!  Watch out baby it is going to get tighter and tighter in there!

Baby is also getting his or her unique prints this week as their toe and finger patters form!

What’s Happening With You?

You are continuing to grow and may be gaining around 1-2lb per week. Remember to take this weeks bump picture so that you can look back on how your body changed.  Your little one will be fascinated with the time she was inside you!

If you haven’t already thought about it now may be a good idea to think about if you would like to attend an antenatal course and if so, which one.  Find out if your partner is included (they should be!) Do the classes cover EVERYTHING and not just a rose coloured picture.

Make sure that what you sign up to will give you the reassurance need.

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