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Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge

How to maintain breast size after pregnancy

Can I maintain my current pregnancy breast size?

It's important to note that changes in breast size during and after pregnancy are a natural part of the body's response to hormonal fluctuations. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, your breast size will change too. While there is no guaranteed method on how to maintain breast size after pregnancy, there are a few strategies that may help support breast health and overall well-being:

1. Healthy Weight Management:

If you are looking for that fuller breast, try not to lose weight too quickly after pregnancy. A gradual healthy weight loss is the way to go, not only for your overall wellbeing but to avoid losing significant weight from your breasts which can cause sagging breasts. Whilst many will rush to regain their body size and shape pre-pregnancy, it is important to recognise that your body will take time to get back to its earlier shape. It takes 9 months to make a baby, during which time your body is doing an unbelievable job in adapting to and nourishing this little being whilst still taking care of you.

Give yourself at least the very same amount of time to allow your body to gradually return to pre-pregnancy times. A balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients to support overall health is essential and even more so when you are breastfeeding. Your body and your baby needs all these important nutrients and cutting out food groups drastically is not recommended.

2. Breastfeeding

If you're able and choose to breastfeed, it will have an impact on your breast size and shape. Your breasts' primary role during this stage is to produce breast milk. Remember this wonderful job that a woman’s body and breasts do to nourish your baby is a real miracle of nature. To produce breast milk also requires a big effort from your body and as a result many who breastfeed can experience weight loss. Don’t worry if you don’t see the pounds disappearing though, everyone is different and as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, your body will thank you.

Remember, getting back into that pre-pregnancy wardrobe does not need to be your main goal. Many women notice a change in their body shape after pregnancy and clothing they liked previously doesn’t feel right any longer. Be patient with yourself while you find your new ‘normal’ on body shape and size.

3. Regular Exercise

Engage in regular, moderate exercise to promote overall health. Look to incorporate some strength work, especially around the chest muscles and arms as this will help to give your breasts support and maintain their shape. Exercise that targets the muscles underneath the breasts, such as chest presses and push-ups, may help enhance the appearance of the chest area - although they won't increase breast tissue itself. Ensure you wear a good supportive sports bra during exercise, especially high impact exercise that involves lots of jumping about. A good bra will protect your breasts from bouncing around and causing your breasts to sag when the breast tissue is unsupported.

There is a lot of free online content offering mini workouts which focus on different parts of the body. Pick an instructor you like and a good soundtrack and away you go. Not only will it keep your chest area toned, but will also get those endorphins flowing to keep you in a great mood, even if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

4. Proper Bra Support

Sometimes the complaints about sagging breasts could be resolved with a long overdue lingerie purchase. Whether you are looking for a sports bra, nursing bra or something a bit more stylish, getting the right size and style can do wonders for breast support and breast shape.

If you are not sure what size you are, pop into one of the lingerie stores or your local Marks and Spencer where they will be happy to help you with a breast measurement. It is amazing what a great bra can do - it’s like having a breast lift.

5. Hydration & moisturisation:

Staying adequately hydrated will help support overall skin health, including the skin around the breast area. Good toned breast skin will help with breast support. Using a good moisturiser with regular massaging will also improve blood flow in the breast tissue. All very helpful for keeping skin toned around your breast area. Some people will encounter stretch marks around their breasts during pregnancy as hormones cause your breast growth which can stretch out the skin. Using a good stretch mark throughout your pregnancy can help to reduce stretch marks and maintain good skin tone after your pregnancy.

6. Self-Care

Embrace and appreciate the changes in your body, even how the breasts change. Pregnancy and childbirth can bring about significant physical changes, and it's important to practice self-love and acceptance.

It's crucial to remember that every woman's body is unique, and genetics play a significant role in determining breast size and shape. Additionally, hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding can influence breast size. If you have specific concerns about changes in your breast size or shape, consider consulting with a healthcare professional or a qualified fitness expert for personalized advice tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

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