great gifts for someone who is pregnant
Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge

Great gifts for someone who is pregnant

If you’re searching for the perfect present for an expectant mum, look no further.

We’ve gathered together a list of great gift ideas for mums-to-be, whether it’s for their birthday, baby shower or simply a treat to show them you care.

Something to prepare them for labour

One thing most expectant mums will spend a lot of time thinking about is the labour and birth of their little one. While you can’t take any of the pain away, you can give a gift that will help them prepare for labour and possibly even make the experience easier to cope with. This could be a set of essential oils designed for use in labour or a hypnobirthing book or CD.

One great go-to gift is a good quality birthing ball which can be used throughout pregnancy and the birth itself. The BabyGo birthing ball is made from extra thick hypoallergenic material making it safe and sturdy to sit and bounce on throughout your pregnancy. Birthing balls give you somewhere comfortable to sit when normal chairs and sofas no longer cut it. As birthing balls distribute your weight evenly, it will take some of the pressure off your back, knees and hips. Sitting on the ball will help open up your pelvis to prepare you for your baby’s birth and it can even encourage your little one to get into the right head-down position too. Kneeling over it, rocking and bouncing can also provide some much-needed relief when you actually go into labour.

An excuse to pamper themselves

Being pampered is always nice but during pregnancy, it can feel like an essential. When it comes to pampering gifts, there’s lots to choose from.

You could give a selection of products designed for pregnant women, including luxurious bath products, and balms, creams, oils and lotions to moisturise their bump, lips, feet, hands and any other areas which might need more attention than usual.

The Kit&Kin Mum bundle contains three dermatologist-approved products specially designed for pregnant women and new mums, which are free from any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. There is a nourishing body butter, a healing breast balm to soothe and protect sensitive nipples and a stretch mark oil, containing 15 different natural oils to keep skin supple.

You’ll probably notice that your skin may need some extra lovin’ and looking after, so look no further than the Balmonds Skin Salvation balm which is perfect for the kind of dry, itchy or flared-up skin common in pregnancy (on face, bumps or hands). For a lovely relaxing pamper, use the Cooling Cream for soothing and moisturising tired feet, even better if you can help that pregnant person to apply it with a gentle foot massage. For extra pampering pair with the Rosehip scar oil for a well earned stretch mark massage!

Alternatively, you could give vouchers for a visit to a spa (plenty have massages and other treatments specifically designed for pregnant women) or a beauty treatment like a manicure, pedicure or facial. Spabreaks offer vouchers you can give to a mum-to-be to spend on a spa experience of her choice, including pregnancy spa days and babymoons. You can pick how much you give or select vouchers worth £50, £100 or £200 and the recipient will have 12 months to spend it.

Or you could buy them their own foot spa to use at home or offer to give them a beauty treatment yourself (if you know how). The main goal is for the person receiving the gift to feel like they have the perfect excuse to relax, unwind and feel indulged and appreciated.

Celebrating and making memories of their bump

If the pregnant person in your life is proud of their growing bump, how about a gift which will help capture this moment in time forever? A pregnancy photoshoot is a great way of making sure they can look back on this special period of their life.

Other options include having a cast made of their bump-  either using a DIY kit or booking a session with a specialist company. Bump painting is also becoming an increasingly popular way of celebrating pregnancy during the final weeks before baby arrives.

You could also help your loved one feel great about showing off their bump by gifting them some beautiful maternity clothes they can look and feel fantastic in. Tiffany Rose Maternity designs and makes gorgeous outfits which give pregnant women the chance to celebrate their changing figure and are perfect for everyday or special occasions. Whether it is timeless evening wear,  classic daywear or a great pair of maternity jeans, they’ll never have to worry about having nothing to wear. Why not purchase a gift voucher and they can select something they really want?

A beautiful journal to record the months ahead

If you are wanting to give a gift to someone who has just found out they are expecting, a pregnancy journal is a thoughtful idea and will give them somewhere they can record their journey and count down to their baby’s arrival.

Blush & Gold makes a gorgeous pregnancy journal with gilded edges which has place for photos and to record their thoughts, feelings and moods. There are fun pages to fill out and its high quality finish makes it a stunning memento they will want to treasure for years to come.

For those later on in pregnancy, a baby record book is a good idea and will allow them to capture all their baby’s first important milestones. This beautiful baby memory book, also from Blush & Gold, has room for a whole host of memorable moments from when your little one is in the womb right up until they turn five. The cotton cloth cover and gold gilded edges give it a luxury feel and look.

A gorgeous baby changing bag

There is one accessory that no new mum will even dare leave the house without and that is the baby changing bag. The good news is there are so many different options available on the market now that there is something to suit everyone’s individual sense of style.

Whether the mum-to-be you’re buying for has a penchant for luxury handbags or prefers a functional backpack, there are lots of products to choose from. Just make sure it includes plenty of space for the essentials. Many will also come with additional features like foldable changing mats and insulated pouches for bottles.

Storksak’s Alyssa stroller bag in black and gold is as practical as it is stylish. Carefully crafted from responsibly-sourced leather and durable nylon, the interior is spacious and easy to access, while the zipped pocket is handy for valuables. It can be used as both a crossbody bag or attached to the pram, making it a versatile choice for mums on the move. There’s also a built-in insulated sleeve for baby bottles.

Something to aid a good night’s sleep

The one gift most pregnant women really want is a good night’s sleep. While you can’t deliver eight hours of guaranteed shuteye a night, you could give them a present which will help them get comfortable and unwind at the end of the day.

This could be anything from a pregnancy pillow or some luxurious new bedding to a supersoft pair of maternity pyjamas or a lavender-scented pillow mist. The BabyGo pregnancy pillow offers fantastic support for mums-to-be and their growing bumps.

Designed to relieve pressure from the back and hips, these premium pillow will help exhausted mummas get the rest they need. It even detaches into two parts so you can use it to get into the perfect position for you. And you don’t need to worry about getting too hot as the hypoallergenic cooling cover will help you regulate your temperature as you sleep.

A subscription which matches their interests

Subscriptions can be fantastic gift ideas if you pick one which matches their interests. If they love curling up in front of a film or TV series or listening to music, you could give them a gift subscription to a video or music streaming service.

Of course, subscriptions are about more than simply streaming, there are options for just about every type of interest now. From meal preparation boxes and magazines to floral bouquets and beauty treats, subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

A hamper to satisfy their cravings

Putting together a hamper filled with their favourite treats is a lovely way of showing someone you care about them during their pregnancy. You could go for classic goodies like cakes and biscuits or give it a fun twist by filling it with whatever foods they have been craving. Just make sure you don’t include anything they can’t enjoy while they’re pregnant like alcohol or soft cheese.

As they'll be limiting caffeine, we'd recommend including some lovely teas from HotTea Mama - The HotTea Mama pregnancy gift set contains three different caffeine-free herbal teas which taste great and support women at each stage of their pregnancy.

The whole leaf tea bags can make two cups from one bag so this set alone can make 90 cuppas to see them through their pregnancy.  Or you could just include one or two pregnancy safe options.

If they have a sweet tooth, Get Up & Glow is uplifting and fruity, ideal for giving a much-needed boost of energy and vitamin C. And if they suffer from morning sickness, Morning Rescue is the best tea to support them - it includes lemon, ginger and peppermint which will help settle nauseous stomachs.  While for the end of pregnancy, The Final Push is a blend of raspberry leaf tea and peppermint, ideal for preparing the body for labour during the final weeks of pregnancy.

Drunk on its own, raspberry leaf tea can be quite bitter in taste but The Final Push blends the ingredient with peppermint. As well as making it taste delicious, peppermint helps ease heartburn and indigestion, which can be a major problem in the later stages of pregnancy.

Raspberry leaf has been used for thousands of years to help women get ready to give birth and while there’s no guarantee it will speed up a baby’s arrival, there are studies which suggest it can help shorten the second stage of labour. It is only recommended from 32 weeks onwards though as fragerine, which is found in raspberry leaf, can cause uterine muscles to contract.

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A great selection of gifts for someone who is pregnant, from birthing balls to maternity wear, weekends away to soothing tea hampers there is plenty to choose from. Growing a tiny human can take a huge toll on both body and mind, so receiving a treat at this time will be warmly welcomed by your pregnant friend or family member. But remember, you don't need a big budget or an excuse to treat someone who is pregnant to a nice cuppa and a chat, after all, time is a gift too..... that is why it is called 'the present'.

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