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Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge

Do you really need a Pregnancy Pillow? In my honest opinion…YES!

Do I need a pregnancy pillow?

As your pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself asking "Do I need a pregnancy pillow?" It can get more and more challenging to find a comfortable position  and get a good night’s sleep. I remember so well the need to get onto all fours, just to be able to  turn over in bed. All of the many cushions being used between legs and under my bump tumbling to  the floor. One of the things Mr Keithy looked forward to the most was getting some space back in  the bed! Little did he know that fifteen years later I would still have cushions and pillows  everywhere.

Is a pregnancy pillow different from a normal pillow?

Unlike standard pillows or cushions, pregnancy pillows are specifically designed to hug the contours  of your body, especially under your bump, behind your back and between your legs. Some women find it helps them sleep on their side and prevents them from accidentally rolling onto  their back, especially if they were not typically side sleepers before becoming pregnant. Sleeping on your side, left or right is proven to reduce the risk of stillbirth as it helps to keep the blood flowing well to your baby.  Don’t worry if you do roll over onto your back - just pop yourself back into a side lying position.

Are pregnancy pillows worth the money?

Pregnancy pillows are also good at taking the pressure off your hips and back and keeping your spine  aligned as you sleep. Some of the options on the market can also double up as a useful feeding pillow once your baby has been born.

Investing in a pregnancy pillow can give your body extra support and help to ease all those aches and  twinges.  

I never did go back to sleeping the way I did before I was pregnant and still use extra pillows now. However, back then there was no such thing as a pregnancy pillow so I used extra standard pillows and cushions.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out some of the many pregnancy pillow options that are now available and can honestly say it has been a revelation!  

Which is the best pregnancy pillow?

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow is quite tricky because there are so many to choose from however, here are my top 5 pregnancy pillows!

1. bbhugme  | RRP: £153 |

The clever thing about the bbhugme is how versatile it is. You can adjust the length and  firmness to suit you by moving the pebbles, which secure the pillow in its cover,  at either end. The pillow itself contains  microbeads which are able to mould around your body and the outer cover is machine  washable. Unlike some pregnancy pillows which have a set shape, this is one long pillow  which can be bent into different positions, depending on the support you need. It also  looked lovely on my bed as it sits neatly at the bottom when I wasn’t using it.  There are also lots of colours to choose from so you can pick which suit your decor and a handy travel bag so you can take with you if you are going away!

2. BabyGo | RRP: £99.95 now currently £59.95 |

This large u-shaped pillow is designed to literally cradle you as you sleep and is long enough  to wrap around your whole body. It can be unzipped to make two separate pillows which is  super handy if you have different aches and pains and want to vary where you put it. The  pillow also has a lovely soft cover which uses cooling technology so you don’t end  up feeling hot and sweaty when you’re trying to get some much-needed rest.  This can be a bit of a life saver with all those pregnancy hormones and extra blood pumping around your system making you that little bit warmer.

3. Dreamgenii | RRP: £49.99 |

The Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow has a soft jersey cover and the pillow actually moulds  around your bump to keep you comfortable, while also supporting your back and knees. It  has been designed to encourage you to sleep on your side which is the recommended  sleeping position as it keeps your blood flowing to you and your baby during pregnancy. It  also makes a handy breastfeeding pillow and the removable cover is easy to wash.  Dreamgenii has won awards from Loved by Parents & Mumsnet.

4. Bella Moon | RRP: £125 now currently £99 |

I love the idea of this pillow as it is actually a 3-in-1 pillow which can be used in three  different ways, meaning you are more likely to get your money’s worth from your purchase.  The classic c-shaped pillow is 1.4 metres in length at its longest, ideal for keeping you in a  good sleeping position while pregnant. However, later on it can be separated into three  separate segments, with the two end pieces joining together to make a smaller c-shaped  pillow, ideal to use for breastfeeding and to support your baby when they are learning to sit  up. Obviously I am not breastfeeding but it did make me feel super supported when I was  propped up in bed reading my book!   You can also buy additional pillow cases.

5. SnuzCurve | RRP: £84.95 now currently £49.95 |

The SnuzCurve is more than just a long comfy pillow. During the creation of this pillow Snuz  had the help of the very lovely and knowledgeable Marie-Louise (AKA The Modern Midwife)  and it really shows. The top half looks like most pregnancy pillows but the bottom half  includes an innovative feature called the KneeBlade™ which guides your body into the right  sleeping position and takes the pressure off your hips, legs and ankles. Each pillow is made  from breathable cooling materials and comes with a sleep support video series to help you  stay well rested throughout your pregnancy.  

So, I now have more pillows in my bedroom than the average birthing unit and I am sadly  going to have to part with at least four of them!  They are all so great, it is going to be difficult to choose just one. However, I am happy to recommend any of the above and if  you keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of months I will be running a giveaway from each of these great brands!

Please note this is a genuine review article and, other than providing the pillow for testing no  payment has been made for recommending these products.

RRPs correct at the time of publishing.

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