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Perineal Massage Oil

Contains a beautiful blend of natural oils chosen to have properties that allow the skin to ‘give’ more easily during child birth.

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Tums & Boobs Stretch Mark Oil

Formulated to vastly reduce stretch marks this 100% natural oil will leave your bump beautifully moisturised. Make Tums & Boobs part of your night-time routine to helps soothe, relax and aid a better nights sleep.

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Foot Loose - Tired Legs Massage Oil

Our award-winning foot massage 0il offers a great way to fight tension and pain that builds in your legs and feet. Add it to your night or pamper routine to reduce calf cramps or to bring balance back to your body with the scents of lavender to soothe  and peppermint to cool tired legs and feet.

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Tums & Bums Stretchmark Oil
All your little one needs
Tums & Bums Stretchmark Oil
Preparing your body for birth
Made in UK
Leaping Bunny Certifed
Vegan friendly
Aromatherapy Trade Council approved
£ 13.95 GBP
Bridget Jones
The last weeks of pregnancy result a very itchy tummy as a result of your skin stretching. Using Tums & Boobs morning and night can really help to relieve symptoms.
Description :

Award winning Tums & Boobs Stretch Marks Oil is a gorgeous citrus scented oil designed to vastly reduce stretching on bumps, boobs and thighs, leaving your bump moisturised without a film or residue on your skin. Using this 100% organic and natural stretch mark oil as part of your night-time routine, will soothe and relax you for better sleep whilst reducing itching on your bump. Also reduces anxiety and nausea. Maintains your skin's elasticity Absorbs allowing your skin to stretch with your growing babyUplifting citrus fragrance to reduce anxiety and nausea.

IMPORTANT: Itching in pregnancy is common and usually nothing to worry about. However, it could be a sign of a liver complaint so it is important to mention it to your midwife as they may recommend further investigations.

Ingredients :

Apricot Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Vitamin C acetate
Lime Oil
(*naturally occurring in essential oils)