What our customers thought...

Kate, Alex& Baby Miles

My husband and I found Louise's antenatal and first aid classes really valuable. I've since spoken with friends who have done long winded NCT classes and they've got less realistic information from them. I feel much better prepared for what's to come and having the support of Louise and her Midwife knowledge from point of booking has been really comforting, and feeling so welcome to join in with all the extra bump and baby activities is really nice too.

Robbie, Sammie & Baby Jaxon

Our antenatal classes were so good! We’ve definitely left knowing and are so much more prepared then we could ever have hoped for.


Louise was amazing, she’s lovely to talk to and a good laugh making it so much easier to understand.  She even put up with my partners constant stories and jokes ๐Ÿ˜‚ Nothing too touchy feely.  We both really feel like we know what’s coming. ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป  

We both really couldn’t thank & recommend Louise enough to anyone about to have a baby, no matter how much I read or researched nothing was as good as her classes๐Ÿ’•

Luke, Dominika & Baby Stefan

Right from the get go, Louise has been only a phone call away, which really helped us with support during times of confusion and discomfort leading up to the birth. 
Even with lots of friends and family close by, sometimes you need a well educated, impartial opinion to settle you down, that delivered with the maternal tone and calmness of Louise settled us exactly when we needed it. 

Kathryn, Alex & babyMateo 

Louises antenatal classes were fun, informative and absolutely invaluable to us. 


The hospital weren’t very forthcoming with suggesting types of pain relief whilst I was in labour, but thankfully Louise had spoken about each type available, the possible pros and cons to support us in making an educated decision. Thanks to this, I was confident in asking for different methods of pain relief that I wouldn’t have known enough about to ask for if we hadn’t have taken Louises antenatal course. 


Louise provides an unbiased view on feeding and educates you in both breast and bottle so that you can make your own decision. We’ve made friends with the other couples from the course and regularly meet up and swap tips!