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Should You Gender Reveal?

Surprises, Surprises – Why you should wait to find out if your having a girl or a boy!

You’ve weed on the stick and you’ve told your friends, hopefully the sickness has died down and your little one is cooking nicely. I know, let’s open our Christmas presents in July!

In years gone by it was never a question whether you would find out the sex of your baby because it wasn’t possible. Technical advances have given us the ability to monitor the progress of pregnancy and coupled with fetal medicine exploding what we can do now is nothing short of amazing however, does the temptation of finding out rob us of those special moments of discovery at the birth of our children?

The Honest Midwife has listed the top reasons to keep all the details of your baby bun well and truly in the oven!

Trust The Old Wives Get Everyone Guessing

Everyone loves a good old wives tale. Why deny yourself the fun of all the ways of predicting if it’s a girl or a boy. “you’re all up-front – must be a boy.” “It’s a high heart rate – go buy some pink!” Everyone likes to have a guess. You could even run a little competition £1 per go and pull the winner out of a hat with the correct answers.

Look After Those Pennies

You’ll save money

Probably one of the most important reasons! You will save a lot of money. As soon as you know whats arriving you will prepare without even knowing that you are really doing it! A sleep suit here, a cute hat with ears there! Before you know it you have spent 100s of ££££s that would otherwise be sitting safely in your bank (ready to pay for a nice spa day when babe is 6 months old and you both need a day of pampering!) Bear in mind spend will be even higher if your expecting a girl because, let’s face it, girls clothes are impossible to walk past.

No Pink Or Blue For You

You can choose two names though..

You get to pick two names – one girl, one boy! That’s if you plan anything. I have cared for many a couple who still don’t know after 9 months – even when they knew what they were having!

You can’t turn the nursery into a stereotypical pink marshmallow if you are in the dark! Bring out those sophisticated neutral colours!

Patience is a vertue! Do you have the ability to wait! Prove to yourself you have the ability! Ha Ha the torture of it!

We Werent Expecting That!
Told one thing and then WHAM BAM…

So, you ignored the advice of the Honest Midwife (what does she know!) and went ahead anyway! Tut tut! You have bought baby boy clothes and toys, the grandparents have gone mad buying bedding in lovely hues of green and brown and your other half has bought a state of the art scaletric. The big day comes and the midwife unexpectedly calls “Yay, its a girl!” Oops! It can happen – not often but it does occur!

Joking Aside…

There are very few mysteries in life and this is one that is wonderful to discover together at the time of delivery. Midwives will ALWAYS tell you that they love surprises. This is not be cause they personally love surprises particularly but more the of watching a couple learn what they have been blessed with is a truly special gift. The discovery gives partners a role and having your partner tell you if you have a son or a daughter will be something that says with you and as a far more profound memory as being told by a stenographer in a dark room.

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