And, you're off...

I can't say that it happened to me but some women do report a massive burst of energy just prior to labour starting.  The urge to get your house in order may leave you tempted to climb ladders and fix the leaky roof.  Trust me, you are far from invincible at this point and your sense of balance is a little off kilter!  Save the high up jobs to your other half!  some light chores if you must OR google local cleaning companies and get someone to do it all for you!

All of this activity and you may be starting to feel some mild contractions as things start to happen.  Best advice, unless your waters break, carry on as much as you can.  Early labour, especially when it is your first baby, can stop and start.  Getting all psyched up too soon can leave you exhausted before the curtain even goes up.

You may also be struggling to sleep, with your mind active and body uncomfortable.  Hopefully you are on maternity leave now and can have a nap in the afternoon.

Worried about anything?  Message the Honest Midwife for some reassurance.



Basically, ready!

Once born your little one will be around the 7lb or 8lb mark - some bigger, some smaller - all a bit vague really!  Skin that was really quite pink is becoming a whiter colour as the layer of brown fat has covered up the blood vessels beneath. Baby's brain is continuing to grow and is a massive 30% bigger than it was at week 35!  The child is going to be a genius!

FYI- if you are having a little boy, dont be surprise that his testicles are a little swollen at birth.  Everything will even out once all the pregnancy hormones leave his system.  It is also not unusual for baby girls to have a small amount of vaginal bleeding.  Again, all due to your pregnancy hormones.  This bleeding shouldn't be excessive but don't worry about getting her checked out if you are worried.

It is just a waiting game now.  Do you know what things to look out for?  Have a read of The Honest Midwife's "Signs of Labour" page to see if you can tick any of them off the list!