Time to see your midwife

You are likely to have a midwife appointment this week.  Your appointments should become more frequent now as it is important that your blood pressure and urine are checked on a regular basis to ensure you are not developing pre-eclampsia.

You may be asked if you have started to consider your birth plan.  This is an opportunity to write down things that are important to you during labour such as your preferred pain relief options and your plans for how you are going to feed your baby.

Assuming everything is fine at this appointment you are likely to be given another date to see the midwife again in a couple of weeks time.  You are so nearly there!


Baby at 36 weeks...

Has fully formed lungs and a digestive system in good working order - although this will need to mature over the coming months.  Most babies that are born at this point are home within a couple of days of their arrival.  Starting to get real now.  Do you have your carseat ready?  Is your hospital bag at the door?  Have you ordered your TENS machine?  

You will probably be pleased to hear that baby pack the weight on quite as quickly over the next weeks.  Don't get excited ladies, they still put weight on, just not as quickly.

Have you considered doing some perineal massage?  It probably won't be a shock to you that 90% of women experience some degree of perineal tearing during childbirth.  Research suggests perineal massage can help. Find out a little more here.

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