A belly full of arms and legs

Space really is at a premium in there as your baby continues to pack on the grams.  That said, it is a myth that babies don't move as much because of the lack of space.  


You may notice a change in the sensation of the movement as baby isn't able to practice those roundhouse kicks anymore BUT you should still feel baby wriggling around in there.  If you are ever worried about baby's movements get checked out.  


I am always a bit dubious about advising women to lie down for half an hour having had a glass of cold water.  Whilst I understand that the coldness of the water may kick start movements if you are worried you want to be reassured as soon as possible so, give the hospital a call - you are NOT a pain and you are NOT wasting anyones time.  I promise.


This is where your subscription really kicks in - give me a call if you're worried and we can talk it through.  


If you do go to the hospital they will put you onto the Cardiotogography machine (CTG) to look at the baby's heart rate.



Big Baby? Small Baby?

At this point it really is anyones guess how much your baby will weigh and measure in at.  The average baby at this stage is 5.25lb and 46.2cm but who really knows!  All you need to know is that your baby is moving as you would expect and that you are feeling well.  Symptoms such as headaches, severe swelling on hands and feet, visual disturbances or should tip pain should be reported to your midwife as they could be an indication of a raise in your blood pressure.  Again, drop me a message if you are unsure.