And breathe...

Starting to get ready for take off, if you have an organised baby he or she may be starting to get into the correct position and be moving lower down into the pelvis.  This is called engagement and results in you having more space in your abdomen and your lungs being less squished.  So, in theory things should feel a little more comfortable.  You may even be able to put the Gaviscon away as your heartburn settles a little.

Don't go getting all excited - this act of gravity may well result in you needing to go to the toilet even more than before if that is at all possible!

Have you and your partner had a date night recently?  If this is your first baby these next few weeks will be the last of you being a family of two - make the most if it now.

pregnant couple.jpg


Is continuing to grow

Other than size nothing has really changed.  Baby's lungs are maturing day by day and the bones are hardening up nicely.  It is really important that you make sure you look after your teeth and have a good intake of calcium because guess where your baby is getting its calcium from?  That's right - from you.  That is why many women suffer with dental problems during or after pregnancy and why you are entitled to free dental care.

Babies born at this stage have relatively well developed lungs and survive outside the womb often without extensive intervention from the newborn unit.