Natures Moisturiser

Since around week 20 a white cheese-like substance known as vernix has started to cover your baby's skin. This protective layer is thought to protect the skin from prolonged emersion in fluid.  In addition it is suggested that the substance has antimicrobial properties that protect the baby against infection.  As the next few weeks come and go the amount of vernix on the baby will decrease but, unless your baby is very late in arriving there will still be some visible after birth.  Don't rush to wipe it off as it is though to be very beneficial to baby.
That said, if you baby has had a poo inside this vernix may have a yellowy-green appearance - it this case you will probably want to wipe it off!

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It's a guessing game

Your now 29 weeks pregnant and maybe starting to have a couple of emotional wobbles as you think about the weeks ahead.  This is perfectly normal to feel a little overwhelmed.  Talk to your friends and family as chatting about how you feel can help.  

If you start to have a low mood mention this to your midwife so she can offer additional support until you feel brighter.  It may also be worth checking in with your partner to see how they are feeling as is common for you both to feel a little anxious.

Now, have friends started trying to guess the sex of your baby?  Here are a couple of old wives tales that are said to predict if you're having a girl or a boy:

Do you want crisps or chocolate? Savory for a boy - sweet for a girl.

Have you been really sick during pregnancy?  That could be the work of a princess!

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