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Pretty as a picture your baby's face is just about fully formed getting ready for all those photographs to give to Grandma & Grandpa!  

Continuing to grow your little one is gaining around 3-4 ounces a week and is around a foot long now.  With each ounce her body is filling out as she takes in all those precious nutrients that you are giving her through the umbilical cord.  She is tasting more and more as her taste buds get more and more sensitive.

At 24 weeks gestation, although your baby would be tiny, should she be born now she has reached the point of viability and would be cared for in the new born unit on a ventilator.  In preparation for the outside world her lungs are getting stronger and stronger.  As they mature a substance called surfactant is appearing which keeps the alveoli (tiny air sacs) open as she practices breathing in and out.

24 weeks pregnant.jpg


Unfortunately, none of the potential symptoms for you at this stage are pleasant!  You may be suffering with anything from Carpal Tunnel to piles!  Carpal tunnel can cause you to experience pain, numbness and tingling in your wrists and fingertips.  The condition is caused by the increase in fluid volume during your pregnancy.  During the day this increase can be seen in swelling in your feet and ankles then, lie down, and it redistributes to your hands.  Give them a shake and rest assured it will go with the arrival of your baby.

Haemorrhoids or piles as they are otherwise known are another unpleasant pregnancy side effect.  Blame these pains in the butt (quite literally) on the pregnancy hormones making everything just that little bit sluggish.  This in turn makes can make you constipated resulting in straining when you try to open your bowel - hey presto - haemorrhoids!  If really suffering ask your GP to prescribe a haemorrhoid cream which are really effective.