It's all in a name

Can you believe that your baby has grown over 10cm in just two short weeks!  That is pretty amazing.  At around 27cm baby weighs around 360g but unlike in early pregnancy when all babies are roughly the same, weights and lengths are starting to vary from baby to baby.

Eyelids are now fully formed and baby can blink.  Continuing with the senses theme your baby has ever developing taste buds and what you eat and drink will influence the taste of the amniotic fluid.  Baby is practicing swallowing which will strengthen and mature her digestive system ready for life after birth.

All about you...

You may notice that your weight gain increases in the coming weeks which is fine as you have a growing human inside you.  However, you only need around an extra 300 calories per day so don't go too mad on the treats!

Heartburn can now start to rear it's head at this time.  Some say that it is a sign of a hairy baby but who knows? You can take Gaviscon and some people say that a glass of cold milk can ease the symptoms.  The good thing is that this goes as soon as your baby arrives.

Have you started to think about names yet? A tricky decision and one that will ultimately last a lifetime.  TOP TIP: Before you decide to try an alternative spelling to a traditional name - anticipate a few years of disappointment when your little girl cannot get the "best pencil case in the world" because YOU decided to go with something different! That's a whole new world of nagging and paying for bespoke individualised items!