Pregnancy Week 4


What’s happening? Everything is getting settled in. You’re getting your head around everything and your body is getting busy, busy, busy!

Assuming that you have regular periods you probably conceived about 2 weeks ago – so things are already underway.

Believe it or not, your baby that will, in 9 months, fill a baby grow is currently just the size of a one hundred and thousand! (you will need some of those once your baby wants to make cupcakes!

However, there the similarity ends! Your tiny cupcake is doing all sorts of amazing things! As this fertilised egg divides to form the different parts of your baby it beds down into the womb and gets comfy.

The baby’s blood vessels are starting to form and blood is already circulating and helping with the development of the heart and nervous system. For the time being, your baby is known as an embryo and all the nourishment comes from the yolk sac until the placenta takes over the important job later on at about week 12-14.

Throughout the pregnancy, your little one is well protected and comfy surrounded by amniotic fluid, which helps with all sorts of things that we will talk about as the weeks go on!

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