Newborn Baby Buddha

Newborn Baby Buddha

Do you understand tummy time? Does your baby scream or seem to hate being on their tummy?​

Tummy time is a vital milestone and stepping stone to healthy physical development for your baby in the future. But tummy time can only be achieved happily and safely when the mini-milestones have been met.

This class will teach you the Developmental Baby Massage routines you need to help your baby enjoy time on their tummy!

This developmental baby massage class for newborn babies (1-6 weeks of age) provides you with the knowledge and know-how to release any tension in baby’s tummy and teaches you how to safely introduce tummy time so you and baby can enjoy it!

Every healthy baby is able to enjoy time on their tummy… it’s just knowing how!

Join Developmental Baby Massage practitioner Amy for this class to help get baby on track for their first major milestone.