Welcome to our little shopping page where we list all the products that we would personally use.  It is important that you are aware that, not all, but some, are affiliate relationships.  However, you will never see links here to products that we wouldn’t use or that don’t come up to the highest standards.
DNA helix and a pregnant woman caressing her stomach.

Future Health Bio Bank

Helping you through labour

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting, processing and storing these cells for use in potential future medical uses. Currently, cord blood stem cells are being used to manage cancerous blood disorders such as leukaemia, blood conditions like Fanconi anaemia and much more.

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Tommee Tippee

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Woman holding her baby and about to give them baby vitamins

Nature & Nurture Premium Baby Vitamins

The NHS recommend all breastfed fed babies receive a Vitamin D supplement of 8.5-10 micrg from birth, and we recommend Nature & Nurture Baby D3 Drops.  As midwives and trained health professionals we think these are THE BEST because they are the finest quality and give baby exactly the right amount of D3 in just TWO DROPS.  They are also 100% Natural, Vegan friendly, tasteless, Dietitian Approved, made in the UK and are really excellent value for money (each bottle contains at least 120 doses, which works out at just 8p a day)

Maternity Hydrant Hands Free Drinking Bottle

Hydrant Hands Free Drinking aid

We all know that being dehydrated is not good for us and this is never as true as when we are in labour bringing our baby into the world or, when were are feeding them.  Both of these activities can leave us with our arms a little bit full which is why the hydrant bottle is such an essential piece of kit!  It hangs, clips or hooks to almost anything, making your drinks always accessible.

Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

Bluebell Baby Monitor

Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor is an award winning monitor – designed by doctors, who are also dads. Bluebell measures your baby’s breathing and temperature as well as rolling onto their tummy. Alerting you to a realtime alert to the Bluebell app or add-on smart unique wristband if there is any reason for concern. (Affiliate)

With an app for tracking sleep and routine and a hub with lullabies, whitenoise and nightlight – it is next level in baby monitors.

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Woman's hand holding a TENS Machine

TENS Machine

The Elle TENS is the award-winning Maternity TENS machine, recommended by midwives. All settings are pre-set making it simple to use. It also features the latest Optimax technology. Optimax gives an extra pulse of pain combatting power in the final stages of labour – when you need it most. Optimax also features in both the Elle TENS 2 and the Elle TENS+.

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Moam Organics

Moam Organics

MOAM Organics’ award-winning, eco-friendly laundry, home and body care products are aromatherapy-led to provide wellness throughout the day. All of our products are pregnancy safe, 99-100% natural, 100% vegan, refillable and use only the finest quality of ingredients and essential oils. They are all also free from parabens, phosphates, SLS, SLES, phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, petrochemicals & palm oil. We have also designed refillable, reusable aluminium bottles to reduce plastic waste. Safe to use on babies from 3 months +

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Woman using Perimom to perform a perineal massage.


Perineal Massage Made Easy

With Perimom, you can do perineal massage completely by yourself. It lets you reach around the baby bump without having to be ultra-flexible and without having to ask a partner to help. Just you, whenever you want, so you have the peace of mind that you are doing your best to prepare for childbirth.

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