A lovely way to prepare for the birth of your baby

If you are looking for a hypnobirthing class that combines all of the great principals of hypnobirthing with the reality that every woman births differently then this is the workshop for you.


For many women natural childbirth without pain relief will not be the route their body decided to take.  That doesn't mean that their birth can't be a calm and amazing experience.


This amazing one day workshop will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that nothing comes as a shock, along with deep relaxation skills and techniques to practice in the weeks before your baby arrives which will help to keep you calm and in control throughout labour and birth.

Whichever way your baby finally enters the world, be it by vaginal delivery or caesarean section having a calming birth environment can help to keep you relaxed and feeling in control.

Aromatherapy is an ancient alternative therapy that uses plant extracts which have been found to have a range of therapeutic benefits.

This 2 hour work shop will provide you with the knowledge to use various essential oils and carrier oils to enable you to use massage, diffusion, compresses, inhalation and baths to reduce nausea, anxiety, pain and stress. 

The day covers:


What the body does during labour and how to help it

Coping at home in the early stages

All types of delivery

All types of pain relief

Relaxation techniques

What is aromatherapy?

Which oils should you use and when?

How your birthing partner can help

Making a massage oil

How to adapt the birthing environment hour to hour


This day has been designed to minimise the "fluffy stuff" and focus on getting you ready in a non-cringy way!

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a face cloth with you.

This class has a big focus on the involvement of birthing partners so it is advised that you do the class together if possible.

The day includes a light lunch and relaxation downloads to take away with you.


Price £125 per couple



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