Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 9

Boogie Baby

Now around 2.5cm long your baby continues to become more defined and no loner has a tail and is about the size of this juicy fruit.

Arms and legs are beginning to wave and dance as baby begins look more human.

All of the internal organs have started to take shaped your mini me is moving around the house!  It will be a while yet before you feel those first flutters but rest assured your baby is moving around all over the place.

How about you?

Your breasts may feel tender and a little heavier and you’ll notice the dark circle around the nipple, areola, may have some small white bumps appearing which is perfectly normal and is a sign your body is getting ready for if you wish to breastfeed.  Although no-one has probably noticed that you are pregnant you midline may feel a little thicker and pregnancy symptoms are often in full swing at this point – you can blame these unpleasantries on pregnancy hormones.

You may also be suffering with morning sickness, although why it is called morning sickness is anyone's guess.  It can trouble you at any time day or night.  Take a look at our top tips for morning sickness page for some ideas to relieve symptoms.


You are not obliged to tell your employer yet but you may wish to when you wish to do so.  If you are expecting your pregnancy to be complicated for any reason or you feel particularly unwell you may feel better letting your manager know.


Just keep going.  Walking, swimming and yoga are all great.  Take a look at the wonderful Yoga Bellies sessions that our lovely Carly runs.  You can start these classes at any time.​​

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