Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 8

Will your baby have blue eyes?

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, Green Eyes, Hazel Eyes?  This is the week that eye colour starts to develop and your baby is no longer classes as an embryo and has been promoted to Fetus!  Clever Baby!

He or she may not be blowing raspberries just yet but is growing a staggering 1mm per day and is now the size of a raspberry!

Lots and lots going on and along with eye colour the retinas are forming and the spinal cord is well underway (quick reminder; have you taken your folic acid today?)

Arms and legs continue to form and take shape ready for crawling around under your feet!  All of this growing and forming takes lots of energy and your baby’s heart is beating twice as fast as yours between 140-170 beats per minute.  Old Wives would say that a faster heart beat is an indication of a girl and slower it’s a boy!  I have watched many a baby’s heart beat and can’t say that I agree or disagree – sometimes the theory works sometimes it doesn’t! We all love an old wives tale though don’t we!

For you things are pretty much the same.  Your blood volume continues to increase in order to service your growing uterus and you may feel that your clothes are a little tight.

Don’t worry if you notice a milky discharge as this is quite common during pregnancy and is a bi-product of the hormone estrogen and serves to maintain health bacteria where you need it most.

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