Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 6

Angry Bear?

How are you feeling?

All this extra work that your body is doing growing a person may be making you a little, teeny, tiny bit moody? Hormones can play havoc with our moods but hang in there is should settle down.  In addition if you already know you are pregnant that in itself is a huge event so emotions are understandably a little wobbly! Breathe! It’s all good.

Maybe reassure your other half that the lovely, mild mannered you, WILL return!

Little one resembles a sea horse at the moment (don’t worry – by week 40 we will be ready to get 1st place in the baby show!)  The head is large
and if you had a view inside you would be able to make out little dark spots where the eyes are beginning to form.

Small buds are in place where the arms and legs are taking shape and there are small indents where her ears will be. So, its all taking shape!

Beating at between 100 and 160 times per minute the heart is already working fast to pump the blood around the fetus and the internal organs such as intestines are in the making​.​

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