Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 21

It’s all in a name! Playing the name game!

Put baby on the scales and you will see a weight of around 300g and measure 23cm.  Getting bigger by the day.

Lots of activity going on inside that growing tummy of yours.  If you lie down and relax you may even be able to see as your baby swims around.

The creamy substance called vernix continues to protect your baby’s skin from the moisture of the amniotic fluid. Babies that are born early often have quite a significant layer of this remaining on their skin.

Your baby is swallowing and excreting every day which helps with the development of the digestive system.

Meconium which is your baby’s first poo is forming in the digestive system and is made up of dead skin cells, amniotic fluid and digestive secretions. This will be passed in the first couple of days following your baby’s arrival.​

How are you feeling?

Half way and you may be starting to feel a little breathless as your uterus pushes up towards your lungs and pushes your abdomen forward making your bump more prominent.

Throughout pregnancy your red blood volume increases significantly and you are at risk of becoming anaemic.

Ensure that your diet includes a good source of iron as this is needed for haemoglobin which carries the oxygen around your body.  Lima beans, kidney beans and green leafy vegetables are all high in iron.

You should have your 20 week anomalyscan booked for this week which will take a good look at your baby’s internal organs and growth.  Now is a great time to get booked onto you your chosen antenatal course if you haven’t done so already.

If you are thinking of finding out the gender of your baby have a read The Honest Midwives Gender Reveal article on the subject – you may change your mind!

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