Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 19

Time to go shopping?

Now around 15cm in length and weighing over 240g your little one continues to grow at a rapid rate. As your baby piles on the grammes her skin becomes less translucent and her arms and legs much more in proportion.

All of the senses are becoming more and more sensitive ready for the outside world when life will be one big sensory overload in the first few weeks!

Although still too early to confirm hair colour as pigment has not yet been determined your baby will be staring to grow tiny hairs on their scalp.

How are things changing for you?

​You may hopefully be feeling more definite kicks this week which can be a really reassuring part of pregnancy as they become more frequent.   As baby gets bigger and bigger you may be experiencing indigestion or heartburn which can be really uncomfortable.  If you find that you are really struggling you can speak to your midwife or GP.  Sometimes a glass of cold milk may help.

Due to the increase of hormones and your growing baby you may also feel a little breathless.  Although this is normal it can also be a sign of anaemia so if you find you are really struggling speak to your doctor.

If you haven’t already needed to you are probably finding that now is the time that you put your usual wardrobe to one side to make way for maternity clothes.

Time to shop!

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