Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 15

Look how your baby has grown

As the days and weeks go on the pelvis is too small to house your baby and an extension is needed!

So you will now be able to feel your uterus growing up and out from above your pubic bone.

If you are used to sleeping on your front you may not find this quite so comfortable and will need to adjust to a new position!  This change occurs at different points for each Mum so don’t worry if you are not showing or have already felt this change.

You often tend to show a little earlier when it is not your first pregnancy. Don’t forget to take your bump photo for the album.

Although you may still not feel it your babba continues to jig around and is practicing swallowing and will have hiccoughs from time to time.

Weighing around 70grams your baby is about 10.2 cm and in appearance, arms and legs are much more in proportion with the body.

What’s happening to you?

Well, luckily for your partner now can be around the time that you find you have an increase in sex drive!  However, just like all other pregnancy symptoms this may not be the case so if you don’t feel up to it – that’s fine too!

If you are not already registered with a dentist now is the time to find a dentist.  You are entitled to free NHS dental treatment during pregnancy and for one year following the arrival of your baby and pregnancy can take its toll on your teeth so take extra care whilst brushing.  You may experience bleeding and sore gums.  Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Some women also experience nose bleeds which can be attributed to the increase in blood volume.  Not pleasant but not usually something to worry about.

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