Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 12

Drink water – It’s important!

12 Weeks!  A great milestone that everyone is glad to get to!  Believe it or not by this point the building of your baby is pretty much done and dusted! All that remains is the growing and maturing ready for life outside!

Your little one is approximately 5.5cm and weight 18 grammes.

As the end of your first trimester comes to a close so too may your ability to fit into your regular clothes.  Your baby is starting to grow out of the pelvic area and you may be able to see a slight bulge in the mirror.  Why not take a weekly side shot so you can keep track of how you are growing!  Great for the family album!

From this week your baby’s startle reflex will develop and she will react to sounds by opening her arms and legs.  Her digestive system is maturing and in readiness for outside life she is practicing using it! Her bones are developing in line with her continued growth.

How about you?

Hopefully you should start to see light at the end of the tunnel in terms of fatigue and nausea and, for a short time, you may find you need the loo a little less!

You may still experience some tiredness so rest when you can and stay hydrated.  Your body is working hard to produce amniotic fluid, extra blood not to mention growing a baby so a good intake of water every day is really important.

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