Louise Broadbridge
Louise Broadbridge
Week 11

Feeling Rough?

What’s Happening With You?

Although many symptoms will remain it is often the case that nausea and morning sickness start to subside around this time.  If not, hang in there and follow previous weeks advice.

Remember that if you feel it is impacting your ability to thrive you must seek advice from your doctor.

It can be really tempting to “eat for two” during pregnancy but bear in mind your body only really needs around and extra 300-500 extra calories so anything over that will add to your baby weight that you are probably going to want to shift once your baby arrives.  With the best will in the world, even if you have been super strict there will come a point where those jeans feel a little tight.  Even if you are not showing a bump the hormones such as progesterone can slow the digestive system leaving you feeling bloated.  Eat little and often and keep hydrated.

You are growing a human!  Expect to feel some serious tiredness!  A nap when you get home from work is no bad thing as your body gets to work.

Ask your partner to bring you a cuppa to wake you up after an hour so that you are not awake all night.  If you’re really lucky you may even get your dinner served!

As we’ve already mentioned exercise is great for you and your baby.  Yoga is a great way to stretch those muscles, increase your strength and calm your mind.

Your baby is measuring in at a whopping 40mm in length and weighs around 7 grams. Although tiny in size you baby has developed massively with tastebuds now in place, fingers and toes and facial features starting to establish.  She’s been a busy girl -or boy!

Without you even knowing it your little apricot is training to be a heavy weight boxer with kicks and punches happening all the time.  Just you wait for a few more weeks and you will be feeling the full impact!

Although the head remains the largest part at the moment, over the coming weeks her tummy will increase making the proportions as you would expect.

The webbing that was once present on her hands and feet has now disappeared and the nail beds on those tiny fingers and toes are starting to develop.  All super exciting!

Her heart is beating at a rate of knots (twice the rate of your own) and, as her skin remains transparent you would actually be able to see this were you able to open the door!\


You will be offered a Nuchal Translucency Scan at your local hospital between 11 weeks and 4 days and 13 weeks and 6 days.  This screening tool is combined with a blood test and required the sonographer to measure the fluid at the back of the baby’s neck (nuchal translucency).  This information is combined with maternal age, weight and height and the result will be provided by estimated risk either low risk or high risk.  Should your result come back high risk you will be counselled by your care provider as to further, more conclusive, testing should you choose to have it.

Let’s Talk Birth and Baby provide midwife led antenatal courses but there is no pressure to book at this point as there are lots of venues and time / dates so you are unlikely to miss out!​

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